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Welcome to Tender Care

Best paediatrician in Ranchi

Tender Care Clinic offers child specialist consultation for children of all ages in Ranchi. If you are looking for the Best Pediatrician in Ranchi, you can consult us at our clinic. The Covid outbreak has made us aware of the importance of online consultation.

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Tender Care has developed a pediatric program of exceptional quality and national recognition. We provide the most outstanding clinical care for our region’s children and their families. In order to provide our children with the very best treatment options available, not only now but in the future, we have Tender Care Clinic, the pediatric medical facility in the region.

Medical Counseling

We offer the best medical counselling for children of all ages.

Dedicated Patient Care

We are dedicated to the good health of our patients.

Personalised Care

We offer personalised care for children.

Our Clinic -

Adolescent Care
NewBorn Care

Our Values

At Tender Care clinic we offer the best pediatric services, an unmatched degree of dedication to our patients coupled with unique skills.

Who We Are

Tender Care in Ranchi

We offer reasonable pricing health care plans for children

Tender Care is a one-stop Children’s Health Specialists centre.

The staff at Tender Care is dedicated to providing thorough, gentle, safe and practical Paediatrics medical care for children from birth to 18 years of age.

A happy, healthy life for our children is our goal.

Trust is paramount in the relationship between parents, paediatricians, and other health professionals. You should feel comfortable asking questions and voicing your concerns. Staff try always to listen attentively to each parent and discuss, in detail, any questions you may have about your child’s care and health.


What our patients
Say About Us

” Dr Farzeen is a great Dr. She is very personable, cares about his patients and is always knowledgeable on up-to-date medical information. I am always referring her and the office to friends that are new parents as I have been so happy with the care we receive.”

Prakash Mani

Happy Patient

” The best pediatrician to take your kiddos to. My kids love seeing Dr. Farzeen when they’re sick.”


Happy Patient

“My family gives Dr Farzeen 5 stars!!!! My kids love her and so do I! I love how she takes time to actually listen to my concerns! Dr Farzeen we will follow you anywhere!

Rajesh Mahto

Happy Patient

“I brought my 3-year-old daughter in for a well-child visit last Tuesday, and every day since she has asked to go see the doctor! She loved the office and Dr. Farzeen! Thanks so much for making her visit a great one!”

Chaudhary Muztaba

Happy Patient

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