Who We Are

Paedritics Center in Ranchi

We offer reasonable pricing health care plans,
insurance packages to clients

Tender Care is a one-stop Children’s Health Specialists centre.

Tender Care is dedicated to providing thorough, gentle, safe and practical Paediatrics medical care for children from birth to 18 years of age.

A happy, healthy life for our children is our goal.

Trust is paramount in the relationship between parents, paediatricians, and other health professionals. You should feel comfortable asking questions and voicing your concerns. Staff try always to listen attentively to each parent and discuss, in detail, any questions you may have about your child’s care and health.

Our Values

At Tender Care we offer best pediatric services, unmatched degree of dedication to our patients coupled with unique skills. We practice an interactive practice style, relating well to patients of all ages and backgrounds. We believe that quality of patient care comes from open communication and involving the patient as the center of the treatment plan.This simple approach is found friendly, comfortable and with high degree of satisfaction among the patients. This leads to cooperation and establishment of trust. We always make efforts to inform our patients of different treatment options so that the patient can make educated choices about his or her own care.